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The Thai Experience


The plans are becoming more concrete. To start, a day trip, early pick up from the hotel in Bangkok by minivan, if we can find a sober, non-amphetamine fuelled driver who at least drives on the correct side of the road the majority of the time and who is not red/green colour blind. The itinerary details are being sorted, but a stop over in Saraburi for refreshments and the famed curry puffs, then to this market that Ploy has found.

What better place to experience Thailand than a place the Thais come to relax. There is a varied, covered market and the river front restaurant that takes 'river front seating' about as literally as you can.

You can feed the fish if you are bored with the shopping.

Or watch the Thai dancing.

Boat trips up the river are available. It is about a thirty minute round trip which also includes a stop off at a temple.

While not as impressive as Wat Khaowong this temple includes a solid gold Buddha statue.

The rest of the itinerary (after market and boat trip) would be lunch somewhere, the ruins at Lop Buri, the Buddha footprint at Phrabhat and Wat Khaowong. And then back to the hotel. A packed day with a little bit of everything. Initially this trip would only be Sunday as that is the only day the market is open and it is a chance for Ploy to try things out.

For the future two and maybe three day trips would also be offered in which case a stay at a Thai style hotel might be an experience. The hotel below is built in the old Thai style and has 30 rooms and its own restaurant. Rooms are 500 baht/night for Thais and more for foreigners, (Ploy didn't push him in this respect).

The bedrooms are not quite Hilton standard but, heh, you wanted authentic.






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