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Wat Khaowong


The original plan, or perhaps better, suggestion or moot point as plans here often disappear in a puff of smoke before they are even uttered, was for Ploy to help me with SingMai, especially as we hoped to get more Thai customers. Well, despite some effort over the last few months and many demonstrations and telephone calls, nothing has happened.

Let us put that into context. Two weeks ago I had an enquiry for one of our products from a company in the US. Today I have an order for a demonstrator kit. If they are happy with that I expect (hope) to get the larger order for one of our IP cores. The company know what they want, think we can supply it and so they move forward. Compare that to the 3 months a China customer had one of our demonstrators for, each week asking for new features to be added to it, features to be added, more measurements, more questions. Prevarication and stalling and at the end of 3 months I was told they are still thinking about it.

Thailand is the same, invitations for us to meet with people, and we meet CEOs and high up managers in our travels, meet with dithering and uncertainty. 'Perhaps you could come back again and meet so and so', they suggest. You know it won't make any difference but is a nice break for them from work. Sod that. There are enough customers in Taiwan and Singapore and Korea and the US and, well just about anywhere else in the world. And we may have found an agent, (perhaps even partner), to sell for us in China so we give them the headaches. Thailand we just forget about.

All of this means Ploy is essentially redundant and she has been filling her days with chores for the company which are not exactly fulfilling. So we have considering the idea of starting a small travel company, offering escorted tours around our immediate area, food and board provided, the 'real Thai' experience as it were. Saraburi is a neglected area of Thailand yet has much to offer and is just 2 hours from the airport or Bangkok. With this in mind, and partially inspired by our recent trip to that temple at Khao Yai, Ploy has been visiting other areas that might be of interest to potential visitors. Such as this one: Wat Khaowong, or Circle Mountain.





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