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Today I will Mostly be Eating...


The stomach pains have gone although I feel a certain weariness and I am half dead by 6.p.m. But I have been able to return to work and live a life of religious fulfillment.

One benefit of the hospitalisation is I don't feel very hungry and I am trying to take advantage of it. This was my lunch yesterday; dragon fruit, (I think the red ones are more flavoursome).

For breakfast I tried a bowl of AllBran, for the first and last time. I shall keep to Weetabix in the future as its dry, crusty allure is completely lost on me. I don't care how good it is supposed to be for you, if I was forced to eat that everyday I would top myself. (And don't say just sprinkle some on your Weetabix because I am not prepared to ruin that meal too.)

Evening meals have been salads, (Caesar salad last night, cheese and egg salad the night before), and as a treat poached salmon and potatoes the night before that, (salmon on offer at Tesco, 330 baht/kilo). On that subject I went with Ploy to do the food shopping at Tesco the other afternoon. Normally I work and I give a list to Ploy which she duly leaves in the car as she shops alone. Her hit rate is above 50% though but that is because the list is usually the same items. But I wandered around Tesco and found some hidden delights which she would not have bought by herself, such as watercress and fresh beetroot, Italian dressing for my salads, (yes I can make my own but that is a small but significant disincentive to making the salad then), Tesco's own finest red wine vinegar, (for when I do make my own salad dressings), honey (Thai honey, a fraction of the cost of the imported, again for my own salad dressings but also other things), and strawberries, although at 158 baht/punnet I passed on them after much deliberation: (yes I know that is only 3 pounds but it is the relativity of it - 150 baht is almost a meal for 2 with beer here). And the afore mentioned AllBran.

And the result of this is a fridge full of goodies that offer options of an evening and mean the scales this morning showed 86.8kg, down from 90kg just a week ago, and I feel weary and listless. I am fading away.

I have remained an alcohol free zone for nearly two weeks now which is surely deserving of some award. My mouth still tastes like a sloth's rectum so beer might seem attractive but it doesn't. Strangely I can taste water for the first time ever, (unless we are talking about the chlorinated, urine scented water of swimming pools). There is some imbalance somewhere that is yet to be rectified.

I see the doctor again on Friday when I hope I will get the free for all on my menu options again. But I also hope not to go back to how it was before. Limit the beer to when we eat out, and try to cap the eating out as well; limit the alcohol to a nice bottle of wine instead of the habitual beer drinking. The first steps are there and 85kg beckons me on. When this weariness passes I might try a simple exercise routine as well, just to ensure this finely honed body redistributes the fat rather than leaving pockets of fat to hang from me like lard fruit.

Tonight I will mostly be eating tuna salad, with beetroot and watercress.






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