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Ten years ago, to this day, a few of our friends, Ploy and I gathered outside the Southampton registry office. The day was occasionally sunny and not too cold. It was early afternoon. Ploy had spent the morning having her hair and makeup done, although she wasn't that happy with the result but to me she looked beautiful, whilst I fretted at home, bought a small barrel of beer from a local small brewery and organised the food.

Ploy spoke her vows faultlessly, the registrar caused some laughter as she tried to pronounce Ploy's Thai name and the wedding went without a hitch. It was a happy day.

Ten years on and we find ourselves living 6000 miles away in a country that in many ways could not be more different from the UK and after traipsing all around the world. Every suggestion I have made, from moving to Singapore to starting our own business to emigrating to Canada has been met with the same positive 'we can do it' response, and when things sometimes got difficult, Ploy has always been there to support me.

After that chance meeting in Singapore, a fair number of suspicions on both sides, a hell of a lot of trust, mostly on Ploy's side, a few arguments, lots of laughter, a smidgeon of determination, a modicum of hard work and huge dollop of love we are looking forward to the next ten years. Immensely.






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