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Listening to my Reader

Two requests in one week from two different people to add comments to my website. So I looked again at how to do this, aside from moving 8 years of material across to some blog site. It was not long before I was bogged down in versions of PHP and MySQL database and it was about that point, or a few minutes beforehand when my subconscious was already pricked by overly software-ish terms being bandied around, that I resigned myself to doing without them. Again.

However, one of the two aforementioned requesters, the lovely Snap, (which is not to say that Mike is not lovely too), gave me a link to another site that offered a comment widget and it only mentioned PHP every second paragraph. So I gave it go, cautiously in case my entire site went up in flames, and with only a little experimentation I appear to have sussed it. So, lovely readers, you may now freely comment on my diary posts, and soon on other pages too if I can find the time to get around to it; (and if you are able to solve the complex maths problem designed to stop spam). Note also that comments are moderated, (by me), so only gushing, over-the-top tributes will be published.

[In case I do have a geeky reader, if you are using Dreamweaver MX2004, as I am, you can download an extension from Adobe, (I had no idea they still supported it), which allows you to change file permissions on your site. The link for that is here, and you will also have to download the extensions manager, which you can do from here. See the effort I have gone to to pleasure my reader].

The nature of the comment system means that I have to have a single page per diary entry so the format of the diary has been changed a little with previous entries listed in the left column.

As a reward to my gentle reader I have also decided to add adverts to the site. I apologise for this, the lure of the filthy lucre just got too much. Although Google have yet to approve my site so they may not appear anyway and as before, (about five or so years ago), when my income tops the mighty $10 mark, I will probably remove them again so please be patient. And if I can't find a way to block adverts to Thai dating agencies and various crackpot sites they will go before then. Unless the money rolls in, in which case they will stay. Indefinitely. I have a family to feed too you know.




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