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Wat Phrabhat Nam Poo


For those with an unnatural interest in my abdomen, I had my follow up visit to the doctor's today. All is well and I left with a prescription for some synthetic fibre salts should I start to feel constipated to ensure there is no repeat.

I did take the chance to ask if the CT scan would have showed any cancer and he said no, but on learning my father's cause of death, (complications from bowel cancer), despite no other family history, he invited me back to the hospital at the end of August for a colonoscopy. I have obviously been bad to him or his family in a previous life.

But again, everything including the prescription was free and apart from a mouth that tastes like a armadillo's scrotum, (caused by the antibiotics apparently), I can go back to my chilli rich diet.

Ploy meanwhile has continued to explore Saraburi to find places to visit for our tours and happened upon this temple which has become an aids hospice through the work of the monk who trained himself as a doctor.

It includes a rather gruesome museum of bodies and body parts, donated by the victim in the name of AIDS research with information about the person who died. There are both wards and also individual rooms and you are allowed to enter and talk with the patients. Ploy was clearly affected by this visit and I must return with her in the very near future.









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