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Join our titular hero and his stalwart wife when, after 40 years of living in the UK, he uproots and
travels through Singapore, Canada and finally Thailand, taking on all the world can throw at him.
And losing.


Cover of Home Thoughts from a Man


'This is a fascinating journey from a thoughtful British engineer (and excellent writer) who - dissatisfied by what the UK has to offer him - takes off on a journey of adventure. He tries living in Singapore, Canada and Thailand, to hilarious effect, especially with regard to governmental and corporate inefficiency, ex-pat life, and his Thai wife's sentimental penchant for bringing home pregnant stray dogs.'

'But there is no whinging in any of this; frustration is turned instead to humour and to an always upbeat, positive, and inspiring outlook on life. And it is this, even more than the great laughs, which makes "Home Thoughts From a Man" a truly magnificent book and warrants the full five stars in this review.'

'I would rather have testicular cancer than be forced to read another word of this prosodic diarrhoea.'

'Marvelous story and one worth the read!'



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