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From the worst-selling author of Home Thoughts from a Man comes a brand new, blackly comic novel.

George is screaming inside and he doesn’t understand why. George’s friend, Frank, has his own troubles--but he also has a new woman in his life, a woman their other friend Matthew is also in love with.  But these are nothing compared to the battles George has at work.

Will the yellow team win the idiotic team building event? Will George win his battle with the HR manager? Will Frank (ever) learn to be more suave in his love-making? Which of the protagonists murders who? Will Hannah’s father find his Mapuche maidens? And what’s Mr. Benson’s role in all this?


Cover of George and the Rabbit


'I haven't read a book that flows this well since I read Douglas Adams in my late teens... I challenge you to make this book last more than a fortnight, at most.'

'The best thing about this novel are Ogilvie’s observations on modern life, which is what this writer does particularly well. George’s substantial wit finds its targets in everything from vegetarians to religious believers (I am both!) but the main focus in this book is on management, making the best passages a kind of Tom Sharpe meets Dilbert.'

'Satirical, original, funny and insightful in a quirky way. Should get a cult following from anyone suffering bad management at work (um, that would be most people?) Ogilvie has a darkly comic 'take' on British life in general and British men in particular. Not a dull page.'

'All things considered, this is an excellent book, very well written, very witty and funny.'



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